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1ST - 3RD NOVEMBER 2019 

SSAA Practical Shooting SA

52 Rifle Road, Monarto South, SA

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This event is invite only to those that qualified

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  • Estimated match round count: 240

  • Reloading facilities will be available onsite.

  • Precision Rifle Series for PRS members. 

  • Practice is available from noon until 4pm on Friday 1st.

  • Compulsory safety briefing is at 6:30am (TBC) Saturday morning.

  • This match will have 2 divisions, OPEN & PRODUCTION. For details on each, check the PRS Australia Regulations or the FAQs.

  • Maximum velocity limit on all rifles is 3200fps

  • Maximum calibre limit on all rifles is .30 

  • You must have a valid Australian Firearms Licence to compete.

  • Stage information will be made available on the Friday.

  • SSAA PSSA range rules apply and override any PRS rules. 

  • Check out the FAQ for information.

  • No refunds available for cancellations.



Adelaide Road Motor Lodge

08 8532 1144

Camping at the range is available at no charge