Precision Rifle Series

Precision Rifle is a dynamic discipline, challenging the shooter in many facets. This may include positional shooting off unusual and improvised rests and barricades, long range engagements, movement between firing positions, all on a time limit. The objective is not only to test a shooter's marksmanship, but to also challenge their ability to problem solve, improvise, and adapt to varying and changing situations.

Where it came from

The Precision Rifle Series was started in the USA to organize a championship style point series race of the best precision rifle competitions and shooters. PRS had a successful inaugural 2012 season taking in 164 members that participated in the series events. Through the next 5 years the PRS grew to over 1900 members, and 40+ matches being run across the USA.

2017 was the beginning of significant international expansion, with PRS Australia being the first international competition. This was announced in February 2017. Since then, the PRS has been represented in countries all around the world, including South Africa, Norway and Canada. 


Who are we

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A life long hunter, Greg found Practical Rifle as a style of target shooting that complimented his hunting. This passion, coupled with extensive experience in event management, putting on shooting events was a natural fit. After spending time attending and ROing PRS matches in the US, as well as making connections within the industry, he has been the reason the PRS is present in Australia today. He was match director for the first ever PRS match outside of North America.

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Rusty has been active in the shooting industry for more than a decade, starting off working in a gunshop. He now runs Projectile Warehouse, Scoped Out, hosts the Precision Shooting Podcast as well as being the President of SSAA Practical Shooting SA. He has been match director for over 30 PRS style matches, and has a wealth of knowledge about putting together a fun and challenging match. He keeps the Impact Dynamics website live showcasing all the matches in the country.


We have a set of rules for the PRS that mostly focus on safety. There are very little restrictions on firearms, equipment, and stage design. Rules of the hosting range override any of the PRS rules, though rarely is there a conflict. As such, minor things do vary from match to match.


Get Involved

If your club would like to host a PRS, get in touch! We can get a proposal to you. You do need to make sure your range is hard target approved, and at least 500m long. All other details we can advise on in the process.

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