Who can shoot?

Anyone with a firearms licence, and a suitable rifle. PRS Members have their scores tracked across multiple competitions.

What type of shooting is this?

All of them. This is one of the most diverse styles of shooting you will find. One minute you may be shooting while laying prone, then next you'll be shooting from 5 different positions on a weird looking piece of timber, and moments later you will be transitioning from a pistol to a rifle to complete the stage.

It really is that diverse. The joy of PRS matches is the creativity and diversity of the stages. By not putting major restrictions on the match director you could be encountering all sorts of things. Firstly the stages must be safe, and in some way, mimic something you may encounter in a real world hunting environment. Aside from that, it is pretty free rein within the range rules, which is why this has been so popular with such a large range of shooters. 

What are the two divisions?

OPEN Division

Velocity limit of 3200fps. Calibre limit of .30

Optics must have a way in which a competitor can safely engage long-range targets. 


Velocity limit of 3200fps. Calibre limit of .30

Optics must have a way in which a competitor can safely engage long-range targets. 

Production Division rifles are only permitted to be modified in the ways listed in Appendix 3. Any other modifications
are not allowed. Rifles must remain in their original factory configuration. The barrelled action must be a matched pair and available from the factory with the appropriate stock.

Combined Rifle & Scope RRP to not exceed $5000 AUD. Sample taken as an average from 3 recognised retailers. Full details in the PRS Regulations.

I'm really keen, but I don't want to shoot just yet. Can I come and watch?

You know what is better than coming and watching? Shooting! We hear this a lot, and in all honesty, the best way to get an appreciation for it, is to get along and shoot it. 

If we still can't convince you to shoot a match, spectators are welcome! Alternatively, we are always looking for additional Range Officers & Stage Officers. Drop us an message, it is a great way to be involved with the event, and getting a lot more out of it, than just watching.

If you are still nervous about shooting a match, hit up Impact Dynamics (SA, VIC, NSW), Practical Rifle Training (QLD) or Orange Accuracy (ACT) to get some training prior to an event. 

What Gear do I need?

At a bare minimum you'll need a rifle with a scope, and approximately 150* rounds of ammo. 

Items such as bags, slings, tripods, kestrels, barricade stops, tool kits, range finders and a host of other things are all suggested, but not essential.

Check out the video of Greg going through his match bag for some ideas.

*round count is specified for each match.

When starting out, don’t go over the top thought! Rusty spent some time with Andy & Emma Stevens to work out what the most important items are.


How does the series work?

In 2019, we take your best 2 scores within a division, from all the matches to work out your championship points. Based on this, invites to the finale will be sent out. The finale is worth double points, so 50% of your overall score! Full details are available on The Series page.

I've seen you sometimes use pistols and shotguns. I don't have either and am not licensed for pistols. Whats the deal?

Glad you asked! This is a Precision Rifle competition, and generally speaking all points are awarded for your skills with a rifle. However we do like to mix things up. You may encounter pistols or shotguns on some stages. These will be provided for you, and in the case of pistols, if you are unlicensed, you will be under supervision and complying with whatever club requirements are necessary. 

Very few points are allocated to anything outside of hitting targets with your rifle, if any at all. So don't worry if you couldn't hit a clay if it was stuck to the end of the muzzle. 

My club wants to host a PRS Match. What do I do?

This is awesome news. Get in touch! We can get a proposal to you. You do need to make sure your range is hard target approved, and at least 500m long. All other details we can advise on in the process.

Why do you guys all yell 'IMPACT'?

Pretty simple. Rusty has you covered on this one. 


There seems to be a bit of movement. Do I need to be ultra fit?

No, not at all. The physical demand is more than Benchrest or F-Class for example, but it isn't strenuous. An average level of fitness is no problem. 

What is the maximum distance these competitions run to?

We are only bound by the ranges themselves. The competition doesn't set a maximum distance. At present (2019) most of these events will be within 700m, as the ranges that are hard target approved are mostly around this length. We know of ranges being developed to give us further challenges in the years to come.