2018 Series Points Race


The inaugural Precision Rifle Series in Australia kicks off with the Vortex Cold Steel Open at SSAA Mildura. There will be at 4 - 5 qualifying events for the year, plus an invite only finale at the end of the season. This means you can have a bad match, and still do really well! 

Your two best scores count

Over the series shoot as many matches as you can. We take your best two scores from all the matches you have shot, in your chosen division, to place you in the Championship Points Race. So shooting more matches gives you more chances. The top shooters in their respective divisions are invited to the end of season finale. Through a combination of finale scores, and the overall season, the Championship is decided.

It doesn't have to all be serious

Even if you don't think you'll be at the pointy end of the leaderboard, the season allows you to track how you are going. You'll be able to see your scores, and how you are improving, or where you can best spend your time training. It also gives you a great benchmark to improve in future seasons.

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Open Division

2018 Vortex Precision Rifle Series Standings

These are the current results for the 2018 series. Series score tracking is for members only. If you shot a PRS match, but your name isn't below, you may not be a member. Become a member here. Only the top 2 scores for the series are counted. * indicates only 1 match of the required 2 have been completed.

Production Divison


2019 Membership Details will be coming late 2018. Stay tuned!

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